Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a fairly new alternate method of dispute resolution where the parties and their attorney’s work together without the possibility of court intervention.

Using the methods put forth in the collaborative law design helps clients reach a settlement that focuses on the highest goals of each person, which often is the emotional and physical well being of their children and the ability of the parents to co-parent successfully.

Is a Collaborative Approach to Divorce Right for Me?

Collaborative divorce is appropriate for two parties who have discussed the possibility of divorce and know that it is likely to happen. It is important that you and your spouse have open lines of communication as well as a desire to resolve issues without resorting to threats or “position taking”. Divorcing parties pursuing the collaborative process are willing to maintain total transparency in the interest of achieving amicable resolution at an affordable price.

Making a Commitment to Resolve Your Disputes Amicably

In the initial collaborative meeting, there are generally four persons present – the divorcing parties and their lawyers. In this meeting, everyone enters into a contract, agreeing to commit to settle matters without threatening a lawsuit. After this, the parties determine what additional team members would be helpful to resolve issues. We help our clients find parenting specialists, financial specialists, and divorce coaches who all provide valuable insight to assist in reaching a resolution with which both parties are comfortable.